Cyber SecurityThere are some obvious things you can do to stay safe from malware, and some more technical answers that your Hull IT support company can help you with.

Use Antivirus Software

Install antivirus software such as AVG Cloudcare from Digitalquill on all computers. It checks constantly for the presence of malware in the computer’s memory and periodically scans your computer to find and remove malicious software. Make sure you keep it up to date as new threats come to light all the time. This will normally happen automatically but not if you or your staff have turned off the update function.

Use a firewall

A firewall is a hardware or software barrier that sits between computer networks. They are used between areas that are trusted – such as your own corporate network – and untrusted – such as the internet. A firewall offers protection by controlling traffic that enters and leaves the network using a series of rules (or filters) set by the user. By blocking certain types of traffic, a firewall can protect against hackers accessing your systems.

Backup your data

All small businesses in East Yorkshire need a backup regime. You can do basic backups yourself, such as onto a portable hard drive but IT experts will ensure that backups are retained for a certain time so you do not restore infected files back onto your system. A good Hull IT support company will automate the process so it is seamless from the users.

Implement Device Control

Another task for your East Yorkshire IT support company is to prevent malware from infecting your system by blocking devices such as USB drives from being connected to your system.

Digitalquill – Malware removal and Hull Business IT Support

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