Nadine Dorries MP has been roundly criticised on Twitter for her password security when in defence of her colleague Damien Green MP she said that she shares her password with her staff. The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire was questioning a retired police officer’s claim that the First Secretary of State must have been responsible for material found on his computer.

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Password Security – Never Share Your Computer Login Details


There are several good reasons why your cybersecurity is at risk if you share passwords, for example:

  • If you use the same login details on other sites, then people could access those sites with your details
  • At work, you are generally held responsible for activity that is done “in your name” under your login
  • Any person with whom the login details has been shared could be subject to bribery, leave the organisation or share those details with a third party – leaving your entire network insecure

Ms Dorries has said that her interns need access to her login to manage her emails. This, however, can be done without revealing your password through a configuration of your email system.

How to create strong passwords

  • Use different letters, numbers and characters; use uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Change the letters in a phrase to numbers, for example, h3ll0
  • Abbreviate a sentence by using the first letter of each word
  • Make passwords long
  • Avoid perso
    nal information like the names, addresses or birthdays of people you know
  • Avoid common passwords, for example letmein, abcd, 1234 or, most famously, password
  • Avoid keyboard patterns, for example qwerty
  • Do not reuse passwords
  • Do not write your password on a Post-It and stick it to your computer
  • Keep passwords safe with a trusted password manager

Source: Google support

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