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December 2017

Proof of delivery system

Proof of delivery systemGood communication is essential for any business. If your business involves logistics, then customers are increasingly expecting to know where their orders are at all times. Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) systems are very important to such companies because they are an efficient, modern approach that allows companies to offer better customer service all through the delivery process. PODMonitor from Digitalquill is a powerful Proof of Delivery tool that can manage collection, deliveries or rentals.

Why you need an electronic proof of delivery system

Even some large companies rely on their employees manually filling in delivery paperwork and tapping data into IT systems later. This creates a huge workload and introduces the risk of human error. Today’s logistics industry is fast-paced, and customers expect tracked delivery on their orders. EPOD solutions enable the instant electronic exchange of information.

 Increased productivity

A paper proof of delivery system will typically involve clipboards of notes, that can be misread or misplaced. EPOD systems help to streamline a driver’s day. The driver uses a handheld mobile device to check deliveries against order records, and drivers can even print invoices if a suitable peripheral is purchased. By automating routine tasks, you increase productivity and reduce costs.

 Improved customer service

EPOD systems help provide a personal service. Drivers can make notes about customer preferences which can be observed by any other driver.

Reduced risk

EPOD software reduces a lot of the risks of paper records. Documents can no longer be lost, damaged, or misread. Everything is recorded digitally.

EPOD Data can be shared with other systems, so there’s no delay in the information flow between departments.  Problems can be dealt with immediately, in real time.

PODMonitor – Electronic Proof of Delivery System

If you require proof of delivery as signatures, photographs, scans of barcodes or RFID reads: you need PODMonitor. You can arrange deliveries using an intuitive interface, and track vehicles in real time with GPS and automatically inform customers when a delivery is due – or when it is delayed.

Secure cloud storage saves on servers, and the client application runs on drivers’ existing Android mobile devices. Tthe system is configurable to meet almost any requirement.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Android devices
  • Manages rentals, deliveries and collections
  • Issue receipts with a mobile printer or by email
  • Secure cloud-based data storage

Digitalquill – Experts in Electronic Proof of Delivery Systems

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East Yorkshire IT Support

East Yorkshire IT SupportWe live in a time where the currency is information. Everything you do is connected to information technology systems so if they fail a business can suffer. Modern IT systems are very complex, and so it is difficult for small businesses to manage their IT support resources in-house. That’s why so many more companies are choosing our managed East Yorkshire IT support service.

Why Not Outsource East Yorkshire IT Support?

The biggest reason East Yorkshire businesses are using third-party IT companies is to save money, but there are other benefits – for example:

  • The reduction of risk. When you have an East Yorkshire IT support provider, you’re reducing the risk of system failure grinding your business to a halt.
  • Better Resource management – Every company has limited resources its disposal, and so there are limits on the things you can achieve with IT systems. Having IT support managed by a third-party frees up resources, so you can reallocate them to other areas of the business.
  • IT expertise on tap – With an East Yorkshire IT support service you can get tap into computer expertise whenever you need it
  • Focus on your priorities – outsourcing IT support to an East Yorkshire business computer expert lets you focus on your priorities. If you are trying to handle IT support in-house, your attention is divided. Outsourcing helps you focus on what’s important.

Making the decision to outsource IT support to an East Yorkshire IT support company is difficult, but your business can really benefit from doing so, especially if you do not already have an IT expert as part of your team. If you can’t justify a full-time employee but want an expert on hand for system failures, you can call a Service Desk and speak to an IT technician whenever like – paying as you go. Most East Yorkshire businesses cannot afford dedicated in-house IT specialists. With East Yorkshire support, costs can be cut and consolidated into a single fixed payment every month.

Digitalquill – East Yorkshire IT Support Experts

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malwareMalware is a term meaning malicious software. Such software is created by criminals to gain unauthorised access to computer systems or other internet-connnected devices. Once they are infected, the malware might disrupt their operation or gather information from them.

Where does Malware come from?

There are many ways that malware can infect your system, for example:

  • Email attachments that have been contaminated
  • Infected websites. This can either be because the website itself has been attacked, or you may be sent a link to an impostor website via links in emails or social media posts
  • Corrupted files from storage devices such as hard disks, mobile phones or USB sticks.

The Types of Malicious Software


Spyware steals information from your computer. It may log your keystrokes to steal your passwords and even record screenshots or images from your webcam. A type of spyware called “Remote Access Trojan” allows a criminal to take control of your devices.


Ransomware locks down the files on your computer and demands payment to unencrypt them. Payment is requested via an untraceable route such as Bitcoin.

Viruses and Worms

These are the oldest type of malware but no less harmful than the others. They infect a host system and then spread onto others. The malicious code is hidden away inside programs, files and folders. They can spread across a network or over the internet. As well as spreading they often have a “payload” which sometimes only activates months or years later. This means the worm can become widespread well before it is discovered. Such malware has been used in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Digitalquill – Malware Protection for Hull Businesses

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Outlook auto responder plugin

Outlook auto responder pluginOne of the biggest problems you will come across when you use a Postfix mail server is Microsoft Outlook’s incompatibility with certain functions. Love it or hate it, Microsoft Office is the leader in office applications, and Microsoft Outlook is widely used as the industry standard email software. Users like its familiarity and integration with the rest of the Office suite, but certain functions simply do not play well with Postfix mail servers.

What’s Wrong with Microsoft Outlook’s Vacation Responder?

One such area is the auto-reply function. Sometimes called a vacation responder or out of office tool, this function allows users with Microsoft Exchange server to send an automated response when they are not in the office. Microsoft Exchange servers are expensive to install and run, and many system admins prefer the power and flexibility of Postfix.

Outlook can be configured to work with other servers – using Pop3 and IMAM account settings – but it does not integrate fully with them, and out of office auto-responses will not work. Although Postfix does support out of office functionality Outlook users have, until now, had to either forego the functionality or use a workaround such as leaving their terminal switched on.

Outlook Out of Office Addon from Digitalquill

Our out of office plugin is a server-side Out of Office auto-responder for businesses using Microsoft Outlook clients with a Postfix server. It removes the need for workarounds and saves the costs of switching to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Features of the Out of Office plugin

The Out of Office Addon integrates with a standard Mail server build using Courier or Dovecot, with Postfix as a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). Users can enable or disable Out of Office replies direct from Outlook, which are then handled by your mail server.

Digitalquill – Experts in Software Development

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IT Support

IT SupportWe now live in an age where data is currency. Everything we do is connected to data management and IT systems so if they fail your business can suffer. Modern IT systems are complex, and it is increasingly difficult for small businesses to manage all of the data, hardware and computing resources in-house. This is why more and more companies are using managed North Lincolnshire IT support.

5 Reasons to Outsource North Lincolnshire IT Support

More efficient cost management

The biggest reason North Lincolnshire businesses are using third-party IT companies is to cut their costs.

Reduce Risk

Another major benefit is a reduction of risk. When you have a North Lincolnshire IT support provider on your team, you’re reducing the risk of critical system failure damaging your business.

Free up resources

All companies have limited resources at their disposal, and therefore there are limits on the things you can achieve with your IT systems. Having your IT support managed by a third-party frees up resources that can be reallocated to other areas of the business.

Access to IT expertise

Odds are you don’t have a massive budget with which you can hire a panel of experts to guide you through the rapidly changing world of technology. With a North Lincolnshire IT support service you can get tap into expertise you could otherwise not access. This helps you stay competitive.

Focus on your business’s priorities

Last but not least, outsourcing your IT support to North Lincolnshire business computer experts lets you focus on your business. If you are trying to handle all of your IT support internally, your attention is divided between priorities. Outsourcing IT in North Lincolnshire helps you focus on whatis important: growing and supporting the business – not trying to troubleshoot software, hardware and user problems.

Digitalquill – North Lincolnshire IT Support Experts

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Cyber Security

Cyber SecurityThere are some obvious things you can do to stay safe from malware, and some more technical answers that your Hull IT support company can help you with.

Use Antivirus Software

Install antivirus software such as AVG Cloudcare from Digitalquill on all computers. It checks constantly for the presence of malware in the computer’s memory and periodically scans your computer to find and remove malicious software. Make sure you keep it up to date as new threats come to light all the time. This will normally happen automatically but not if you or your staff have turned off the update function.

Use a firewall

A firewall is a hardware or software barrier that sits between computer networks. They are used between areas that are trusted – such as your own corporate network – and untrusted – such as the internet. A firewall offers protection by controlling traffic that enters and leaves the network using a series of rules (or filters) set by the user. By blocking certain types of traffic, a firewall can protect against hackers accessing your systems.

Backup your data

All small businesses in East Yorkshire need a backup regime. You can do basic backups yourself, such as onto a portable hard drive but IT experts will ensure that backups are retained for a certain time so you do not restore infected files back onto your system. A good Hull IT support company will automate the process so it is seamless from the users.

Implement Device Control

Another task for your East Yorkshire IT support company is to prevent malware from infecting your system by blocking devices such as USB drives from being connected to your system.

Digitalquill – Malware removal and Hull Business IT Support

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Small Business Saturday

Small Business SaturdaySmall businesses are at the beating heart of the nation’s economy, and we are great supporters of other small businesses like ourselves through our involvement in initiatives such as Hessle First.

Last Saturday, 2rd December was Small Business Saturday, and we were proud to be involved. The event was sponsored by American Express and encourages everyone to use small businesses on the day.

Digitalquill Supports Small Business Saturday

This Small Business Saturday, we were honoured to act as a host to our local MP for Hull West and Hessle, Emma Hardy. Emma was keen to visit as many small businesses as possible over the weekend and she was interested to find out more about the IT Support, software development and RFID systems we create for clients in Hull, East Yorkshire and all over the world.

Ms. Hardy said on Facebook: “I loved being able to visit some of the local small businesses today. We have such creativity here in Hull and Hessle.”

Small Business Saturday
Emma Hardy MP visits Digitalquill to promote Small Business Saturday

UK Small Businesses in Numbers

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) of which we are also a proud member, small businesses account for more than 99% of all private sector businesses. Almost 16 million people in the UK work for small businesses, which is 60% of all private sector jobs. We think that in these tough economic times, those figures are worth celebrating and supporting.

So why not shop small not just on Small Business Saturday, but think twice on every other day before passing your money on to the corporate behemoths? For more information on the annual event, check out the Small Business Saturday website.

Digitalquill support small businesses

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Nadine Dorries MP has been roundly criticised on Twitter for her password security when in defence of her colleague Damien Green MP she said that she shares her password with her staff. The MP for Mid-Bedfordshire was questioning a retired police officer’s claim that the First Secretary of State must have been responsible for material found on his computer.

password security


Password Security – Never Share Your Computer Login Details


There are several good reasons why your cybersecurity is at risk if you share passwords, for example:

  • If you use the same login details on other sites, then people could access those sites with your details
  • At work, you are generally held responsible for activity that is done “in your name” under your login
  • Any person with whom the login details has been shared could be subject to bribery, leave the organisation or share those details with a third party – leaving your entire network insecure

Ms Dorries has said that her interns need access to her login to manage her emails. This, however, can be done without revealing your password through a configuration of your email system.

How to create strong passwords

  • Use different letters, numbers and characters; use uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Change the letters in a phrase to numbers, for example, h3ll0
  • Abbreviate a sentence by using the first letter of each word
  • Make passwords long
  • Avoid perso
    nal information like the names, addresses or birthdays of people you know
  • Avoid common passwords, for example letmein, abcd, 1234 or, most famously, password
  • Avoid keyboard patterns, for example qwerty
  • Do not reuse passwords
  • Do not write your password on a Post-It and stick it to your computer
  • Keep passwords safe with a trusted password manager

Source: Google support

Digitalquill – Experts in IT Security

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