temperature monitoringDo you run a business where you need to strictly control the temperature of an area? Do you need a system that alerts you if the temperature falls outside of a predefined range? You need temperature monitor.

Temperature Monitor

Temperature Monitor from Digitalquill is a combined hardware and software system for areas where a consistent temperature range must be maintained – such as cold rooms or commercial greenhouses. It issues an alert when the temperature falls outside of a defined range.

Dedicated Temperature Monitoring System

The system uses temperature monitors which can be placed in whichever locations you need – including within the door seals of freezer rooms. By placing a monitor within the door seal itself, it is possible to be instantly alerted in the event of a failure of the thermal tape within the door. Such a catastrophic failure of the system could lead to the door freezing and put staff safety at risk, and is very expensive to replace – not to mention the value of the stock within.

The powerful alerting systems in Temperature Monitor can complete one or more actions when an exception event is triggered – this could include triggering a hardware sensor – such as a heating or cooling system – and sending an SMS or email message. The system can be adapted to suit almost any requirements, and the alerts combined to meet business needs. Full off-site data storage ensures the maintenance of a safe and secure audit trail of activity, for total peace of mind.

Key features of Temperature Monitor

  • Uses clear air and contact sensors – or a combination of both
  • Can alert by SMS or email when temperature falls outside of a set range
  • Can also alert when temperature is above or below a single defined value
  • Reporting tools can show temperature variations over time
  • Fully configurable for use in a variety of situations

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