cyber securityAs reports say that data theft cases in the High Court are up 25 percent in just one year, the risk of hacking or industrial espionage remains high for UK businesses. It is not just external threats and malware that is putting businesses at risk – employees stealing customer databases is a growing risk.

Are you at risk of Industrial Espionage?

High Court cases involving theft of confidential data from businesses increased by 25 percent in 2016, with more cases than ever involving staff stealing customer databases from their employers. Although only 50 such cases were heard, experts believe that the true number is far higher, but employers lack the cyber security know how to detect breaches.

Staff turnover is one of the key drivers – employees are often tempted to take confidential data, such as customer databases, with them when they leave an employer to get a competitive advantage for a new employer or company they start up. Such theft of data is normally prohibited by contracts, but it can be near-impossible to prove that an ex-employee used stolen data if they begin to attempt to poach clients.

Poor IT Management Causes Security Risks

The problem is greater now that employees have easier access to confidential business data remotely. A range of devices, such as smartphones and online cloud storage can be accessed anywhere, even outside of the workplace. This reduces some of the risks of attempting to remove data on physical storage from the premises. Organisations are often slow to withdraw use accounts from members of staff who leave or are made redundant.

Digitalquill – Experts in Cyber Security

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