SSD Solid State DriveIf your office PC is beginning to run more slowly, then it is a sure sign that the time has come to upgrade its hardware. You do not always have to go to the trouble of replacing an entire PC, though. An upgrade is available that is cheap, quick, and makes a bigger difference to your system speed than any other upgrade: replacing your machine’s hard drive with a Solid State Drive (or SSD).

What is an SSD?

The Solid State Drive is a direct replacement for a hard disk. Unlike a hard drive, which is a mechanical device that consists of a magnetic head that reads from a spinning platter, an SSD has no moving parts whatsoever. An SSD is entirely made of solid state electronics. Think of it as being like a bigger version of a memory stick. Because it has no moving parts, it is more energy efficient than a mechanical drive and far less susceptible to failure.

A 5-year old computer running an SSD will boot up quicker than a brand new one with a hard drive. In fact, your logon time can be as little as 5 to 10 seconds compared to many minutes on an old machine. Often your PC boots up before your monitor switches out of energy saving mode!

Digitalquill – Computer upgrades in Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Digitalquill’s IT support division can help you upgrade your hard drives to SSDs. We can supply the equipment and install it for you, copying your existing data across, to save time and effort. We can make sure that we fully backup and restore your system in order to have a seamless transition. You will notice an immense speed boost in day to day usage of your computer right away. We can install an SSD into almost any desktop or laptop machine.

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