Fire Door MonitorIt is extremely dangerous to ever wedge or prop open a fire door. It puts the safety of the occupants at risk if there is a fire. Fire doors need to be kept closed to prevent fire and smoke from being able to spread. Legally, if you wedge open a fire door and puts someone’s life at risk, you could be liable for some significant penalties, including a hefty fine.

Why are fire doors necessary?

Fire doors are there to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. They are designed to withstand fire for a certain length of time to protect building occupants while they are evacuated – providing they are shut. Keeping fire doors closed is usually achieved with a self-closing device. They are a vital part of a building’s fire strategy, but they can only do their job if they are always kept closed.

If a fire door is prevented from closing, the fire can spread quicker, putting occupants in danger. Fire doors are marked with a sign that says: ‘Fire door, keep shut’. If you see a fire door propped open with a wedge, fire extinguisher, chair, plant etc., you need to make sure it is removed so the door stays shut.

Why do people wedge open fire doors?

Despite the dangers, people still do it. We know that closed doors can be a pain. Fire doors are heavy so can be a struggle for frail people and those with mobility issues. But leaving fire doors propped open is dangerous to others. Most importantly, it is against the law!

Fire Door Safety System

64% of premises visited by the Fire Service are found to have fire doors wedged open. Our Fire Door Monitor system can be set up with hardware so that the responsible person is notified whenever a fire door is kept open for a certain period of time, so it can be addressed. You can also use it to record that you have completed all of the checks you need to do by law. Call us on 01482 424402 to find out more, or visit to find out more.