One of our clients has just queried an email they have received – they did the right thing querying it with us because it is a Phishing message.

East Yorkshire Companies Receiving Phishing Emails

What the fraudsters are attempting to do with these emails is to trick you into “logging in” to a fake website they have set up. They then have with your email credentials and password, which they can record and use later to gain access to your email account

Phishing East Yorkshire IT supportHere is the text of the email so you can recognise it if you receive it:

MailBox De-activation©

Hi <name>

We are doing a spam and fraudulent verification survey, which your e-mail account <name>@<company> was listed  and has recently  been updated. It's important you verify your account  to help us survey your account better.  <name>@<company>

Verify Your Account Now

If verification is not gotten from you in the next 48hr, we will assume you are a fraudulent user and shut down your email account, till a proper verification recovery before you can access your account again


Admin !   ©2017 All Rights Reserved

This email was generated for %0%  with reference no. 2147dfff456345

 This is an automated message replies cannot be answered E-mail Server Admin .

How to Spot a Phishing Email

The features that make this an obvious phishing scam are:

  • It refers to “admin” and not your real IT company
  • The sender address is not in your address book
  • The English is poor and it is clearly written by a non-native speaker
  • It wants to scare you into clicking a link – a real IT company would not ask you to click a suspicious link

What to do if you get a suspicious email

You might argue that you have nothing confidential in your email account, however, think about how many other accounts on websites you have that are linked to your email account… Even if the password is different, once a criminal has access to your email account they can request a password change on any number of sites and therefore take control of almost all of your online accounts. They can use your saved payment credentials and start ordering items on your account for delivery to their own address. You will never know as they will delete the password, reset the email after taking your money.

Our advice if you receive such an email is that if you are unsure, delete the mail – or at the very least do not click any links and query it immediately with your IT support team.

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