access control rfid systemsThere are many applications for RFID systems in the area of access control.  The fastest growing areas for access control RFID systems are: personnel access, gate or barrier control, such as controlling visitors to an office or to automate vehicular access to parking facilities.

Access Control RFID Systems for Personnel Access

RFID access for your business’s personnel may simply mean incorporating an RFID transponder in the worker’s ID badges.  RFID is far better than old fashioned magnetic stripe badges and does not wear out with repeated use in the same way.  RFID personnel access systems typically use low-frequency RFID systems.

Access Control RFID Systems Gate Control

RFID is often used in gate control for industrial facilities.  Electronic loop detectors can be used with RFID Systems to control the length of time the gate or barrier is open or to close the gate automatically after the vehicle has entered. RFID systems are far cheaper than a 24 hour gatekeeper and save time compared to a padlock system.

Other Uses for Access Control Systems

RFID cards, tags or badges can be used to control access to all sorts of areas, as well as monitoring inspections or measuring staff time keeping.  One-time RFID cards can be used for contractors, and nested areas allow a safe route to be enabled for staff, but access can be prevented from restricted areas.

AccessMonitor from Digitalquill

AccessMonitor is an RFID-based system used to control access points such as doors, roller shutters, vehicle barriers or gates. Your staff use an RFID transponder that can be affixed to a vehicle or integrated into their ID card or a key fob. The system is capable of triggering the opening or release mechanisms of your barrier through custom hardware integration.

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