backupsWe recently had a client’s main pc fail. The PC is question held the master copy of their customer database so was business critical. They told us that they backed it up regularly and the data was safe, but it turns out that they never checked or verified the backups nor even carried out data loss/recovery simulations. As a result, when this machine failed and they went to check their backups to recover their precious data… there were nothing there! The system had constantly failed for the last TEN YEARS!.

Luckily, in this instance one of our North Lincolnshire IT experts managed to recover their 90 Gigabytes of customer data but took considerable time and cost them a lot of money. They have been very lucky this time, but could have saved money and minimized risks by having a proper backup regime.

North Lincolnshire IT Support – Help with backups

Backups are not complicated but they do need a little thought. It is relatively easy for us to set up your system so it silently makes automated backups in the background as you work, with no need for your direct intervention. But that’s not all – a secondary, physical backup is also recommended – one that is stored off site to protect against theft, fire or natural disaster. A backup regime is crucial even if you are the only person in your business – can you imagine the consequences of losing your main work PC? Could you continue to operate your business? What about client records? You cannot put a cost on the reputational value of business continuity?

A USB drive is not enough

We often take on clients that previously backed up to a USBhard drive. This is better thanno backup at all, but: what if the stick is lost, corrupted or stolen? And what about system files that make the PC work? A proper backup can restore a PC to working condition quickly. Our backup is a cloud  based services, so everything is stored away from the PC for disaster recovery.

Don’t Rely on Free Storage

Never rely on consumer cloud storage programs – especially for business purposes. OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox and so on are great services but they are not guaranteed to store your files securely, and are targets for hackers. If you have a ransomware attack then without periodic full backups you will just restore copies of the files that were corrupted.

Digitalquill: North Lincolnshire IT Support

The best solution for backups is a combination of both full and incremental backups –we take a periodic “image” of your entire network and supplement it with copies of each file whenever changes are made to it. Our enterprise level solutions do not have a public-facing front door for security. To find out more, call Digitalquill today on 01482 424402, email us at or visit