Australian Air Force HackThe BBC reports that commercial information about Australia’s defence programmes has been stolen in a cyber hack. About 30GB of data was taken in the hack on a contractor, including the details of new fighter planes and ships. The data has been described as “commercially sensitive but not classified”.

Australian Government Defence Data Stolen

The breach began in July last year, but the Australian government did not find out until November. It is not known whether the hacker was working for a state or if it was someone working for another company.” What is known is that the exploit that the hacker used was patched 12 months ago but the company had not updated its software, and they were still using default passwords for their systems.

Cyber hack – it can happen to any business

Just because your business is based in Hull, East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire doesn’t mean that hackers will not be interested in your data. Commercially sensitive data can be stolen from any company. If you haven’t planned against the risks then you could find your business comes to a lot of harm. It’s not just rogue states and fraudsters that use technology to commit crime – increasingly, companies are employing hackers to steal data from their competitors or damage their system to harm their business.

Stay Safe from Cyber Crime

This latest hack shows that two messages we constantly reiterate were not followed:

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