Asset Tracking RFID systems
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You can keep track of your business assets using RFID systems. A combination of RFID hardware, RFID transponders and Digitalquill’s Asset Monitor make managing any kind of asset simple, all through its lifecycle. RFID transponders cannot be remotely scanned, copied or cloned. You can use RFID systems to manage any type of asset, from computer hardware to gas cylinders.

4 Uses for Asset Tracking RFID Systems

1. Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel use with a variety of assets such as vehicles, IT equipment, evidence, handheld devices, laptops and so on. If their equipment or vehicles are lost or stolen, it could cost them in terms of both money and reputation. If evidence is lost, criminals could walk free.

An asset tracking RFID system could be used to monitor equipment in order to prevent theft or loss, by using passive RFID systems and real-time data-collection.

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2. Business and Manufacturing

Lost assets in a manufacturing environment cause major issues such as delayed work, lost sales, and wasted money. Manufacturing companies need to keep track of assets, from small items such as tools, to larger assets like car parts.

By applying custom RFID tags to assets, it enables a company to rent out and recover items such as reusable pallets.

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3. Education

One of the most biggest growing industries using RFID systems for asset tracking is the education sector. RFID can be used to tracking children or college students, and can allow them to use cashless payments for lunches, register their presence in lessons and much more.

RFID can be used to ensure students arrive at school safely by using Solar powered RFID readers at the school gates or classrooms. It is possible to read RFID tags placed on students’ backpacks, and upload information to the internet for parents, students, and school staff to view. RFID systems can also track library books, IT equipment, and other property to against theft or loss.

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4. Health

There are thousands of patients, employees, and assets in hospitals. This makes them ideal locations to implement RFID systems for asset tracking. Many hospitals around the world are investing in RFID asset tracking systems using active RFID, passive RFID, RTLS, and Wi-Fi systems. In some hospitals, passive RFID systems are used to track assets such as tools and machinery – and even patients!

high-value equipment SUCH AS beds, defibrillators, and so on can be fitted with embedded RFID transponders. The hospital can then track, locate, and provide maintenance for equipment. Hospitals may use the same systems to track patients -measuring  wait times and efficiency.

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Asset Tracking RFID Systems from Digitalquill

Digitalquill’s Asset Monitor System lets you keeps track of your business’s assets: you are able to instantly find out where they are; where they have been; and access a history of their movements – all at the click of a button. It uses the latest RFID technology, and unlike other RFID systems, it is not specific to any one industry.

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