Inspection MonitorInspection Monitor RFID Systems is the most powerful and flexible way to add RFID enabled compliance checks to any business. This cost-effective system runs on your existing Android/iOS portable devices or on dedicated mobile terminals. It allows you to create, run and report on inspection programmes using RFID systems.

Inspection Monitor – Compliance Checks with RFID Systems

Inspection Monitor uses the latest RFID technology to track assets or locations that you need to have regularly inspected – and it can inform you immediately by SMS or email whenever a check is missed or fails. This lets you free up time for managers and provides you with irrefutable evidence of checks being done. That is essential when company policy or legislation must be followed.

Irrefutable Evidence that a Location was visited

The evidence of checks is irrefutable because RFID transponders cannot be scanned remotely, copied or cloned. Your member of staff must have physically visited the location or asset to which the transponder is affixed in order to scan it. You can relax in the knowledge that work has been done. You will only ever need to review system reports or messages if something goes wrong.

Automatic Ticket Generation

If something untoward does come up during a check, then Inspection Monitor can even automate the generation of work tickets for a repair team: so cracked windows, broken bulbs and damaged doors are able to be corrected right away. And because it is completely silent when all is going well, our Inspection Monitor RFID system vastly reduces the amount of paper forms your managers have to sign off each day.

Flexible and Adaptable RFID Systems

You have the flexibility to create as many checkpoints as you need and you can group them together into any number of inspections. You can insist that they are completed in a specified sequence, to manage security perimeter patrols, or choose to allow staff the flexibility to manage their own workflows – as long as every location or asset is scanned in the required timescale. Every scan and every inspection is uploaded to a secure cloud server by wifi or mobile data so you can provide inspectors with a clear audit trail and generate reports at the click of a mouse.

Key Features:

  • Runs on iOS or Android mobile devices
  • Record regular inspections of locations or assets
  • Alerts management only when inspections are not done, or are failed
  • Management only informed when an exception occurs
  • Automatically create tickets for repair teams
  • Powerful reporting features
  • Secure off-site data storage

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