The biggest ever hack just got even bigger: it has been revealed that Yahoo has leaked the details of every single one of its users. Three billion accounts were compromised in total – which is the equivalent of half the people on the planet – in the 2013 Yahoo hack.

yahoo hackWhen we first reported the hack, Yahoo had said that around one billion of its user accounts were compromised. The total has been revised and the unprecedentedly large information leak is now confirmed as the biggest ever hack by quite some margin. Yahoo’s parent company, Verizon, re-evaluated the number after receiving new information.

What Information was Stolen in the Yahoo Hack?

The information included some of the most personal information about each person, including their usernames, passwords, telephone numbers and dates of birth. Experts had already warned that it was sensible to presume that those details had been leaked, and protect them accordingly.

Don’t Rely on Free Internet Services

The revelations are yet another reminder that businesses are unwise to rely on large, free public services. We have been contacted by dozens of businesses in the Hull and East Riding area who want to find a more secure local solution to safeguard their business data.

What Should I Do About the Yahoo Hack?

First of all, if you are a Yahoo user. Change your passwords. Change any other passwords that are the same – or similar – on any other internet sites. With three billion to choose from, the hackers may still get around to trying your login and password on other sites. If you think you may have been affected, contact an Internet Security Expert.

Digitalquill – Internet Security Experts

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