Fire Door inspection

East Yorkshire’s RFID Systems experts, Digitalquill, are supporting Fire Door Safety Week. It runs from Monday 25th September 2017 to 1st October 2017. We have been putting out blog posts every day this week. We hope you have found our advice you about fire door monitoring and meeting your obligations under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 useful. There are two more days to do, and you can still pledge your support for the Fire Door safety campaign until Sunday by sharing our posts or tweeting under the hashtag #FireDoorSafetyWeek.

There are some untruths bandied around when it comes to fire doors – don’t be myth-taken with this Mythbusting feature courtesy of the Fire Door Safety Week website.

Fire Door Myths – Busted

MYTH Standard doors can be made into fire doors by fitting larger doorstops to the existing frame.

TRUTH Additional doorstops do not turn a standard door into a fire door. A fire door requires all items to meet the specification stated on the fire door certificate.


MYTH Painting a door with fire retardant paint makes it a fire door.

TRUTH BWF Certifire would not recognise this as a fire door. A fire door is made up of many compatible and fire tested materials and components, all listed on the fire door certificate. A lick of paint will not turn a standard door into a fire door.


MYTH Any lock can be fitted onto a fire door because it’s made of metal, and metal doesn’t burn in a fire.

TRUTH You can only fit a fire tested and compatible lock as listed on the fire door certificate as excessive removal of material from the door leaf can impact performance in a fire. Metal gets hot in a fire, so don’t forget the intumescent protection if needed.


MYTH If a fire door is too big, it can be cut down to fit.

TRUTH A fire door can only be trimmed by the amount permitted on the manufacturers fitting instructions and fire door certificate. Resizing doors outside of the limitations set on the fire door certificate invalidates certification.


MYTH The gap between the fire door and the frame doesn’t matter

TRUTH The dimension of the gap around the entire perimeter of the door is critical to preventing the passage of toxic fumes and smoke in the event of a fire. On a fire door with smoke seals this gap is commonly 3mm but always check the fitting instructions or the fire door certificate.


MYTH People can fit their own glazed panels in fire doors.

TRUTH To manufacture a fire door with a glazed panel requires a number of correct components and should only be carried out by someone who is licensed and trained to do so. Cutting holes in doors for vision panels on site invalidates fire door certification


MYTH Fire doors have to be assessed by the fire brigade.

TRUTH Since October 2006, it is the responsible person’s duty to carry out fire risk assessments. The fire service does not carry out fire risk assessments of commercial or industrial premises.


MYTH I have a fire risk assessment, therefore, I cannot be prosecuted.

TRUTH Simply having a fire risk assessment does not make you fully compliant. It just acts as a method to identify and quantify risk.


MYTH I’ve never had a Fire Officer visit so I don’t need to bother with the Fire Legislation.

TRUTH All non-domestic premises must adhere to the Fire Safety Order 2005 regardless of whether they have had a visit from a Fire Officer or not. By not adhering to this you and your organisation are risking prosecution or a hefty fine. Find out more

Fire Door Monitor – RFID Systems for Fire Door Inspection

Fire Door Monitor is our fire door inspection software. We use RFID systems along with software so that your responsible person can be alerted if a fire door is left propped open. Our fire door inspection app lets you record 31-point checks on all your fire doors. Call us on 01482 424402, email or visit our website for more information.