Windows XPA recent article from the BBC revealed that the second biggest police force in England still runs Windows XP on 20% of its computers. A total of 1,518 PCs in the force still use the ageing operating system, which has not been supported by Microsoft since 2014. The revelation comes shortly after it was discovered that the NHS are still using Windows XP, and they were recently hit by a massive ransomware cyberattack that crippled many services. As well as Manchester Police, the Metropolitan Police service stated in June that they still had 10,000 Windows XP computers.

Windows XP Hacking Risk

Continuing to use the outdated system on machines that connect to the internet poses a massive security risk, and even standalone machines can suffer problems that will result in the loss of data – or worse. Even if security vulnerabilities are found in Windows XP, Microsoft no longer distribute patches to fix them as they do with newer releases of Windows.

It’s Not All Bad News

Although most police forces  refused to respond to the BBC’s Freedom of Information Request on the grounds it could put them at risk of cyber attack, eight forces disclosed that they had fewer than 10 computers still running XP. These were mainly to run highly specialised software that has not been made compatible with new Windows versions.

Why Upgrade From Windows XP?

A number of small (and some big) businesses still have not upgraded to the latest version of Windows. The reasons vary from concerns about cost to fears over getting to grips with the newlook and feel. A common reason is if a company relies on old software that is not compatible with newer versions of Windows.

Help to Upgrade to Windows 10

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