Which Hull IT support company you choose for your business will be influenced – to some degree – by the costs and charging structure they use. Before you start searching Google for “cheap IT support company in Hull”, it is best to understand your needs, the value of your equipment and the cost and consequences of not being able to access your systems.

Hull IT supportHull IT support costs

IT support in Hull is usually paid for in one of two ways – PAYG (pay as you go) or a monthly contract:

Pay as you go (PAYG) Hull IT support

With a PAYG Hull IT support contract, you will be charged every time you request support. This is also known as a ‘per incident’ charge. PAYG support is offered on a rolling agreement that can be cancelled at any time.

Be careful, as an ‘incident’ can be something as simple as calling up with an issue and being asked to try restarting your computer. If you do not take precautions then the costs can soon build up.

PAYG support is usually charged on an hourly or part-hourly basis. You can often buy a block of time in advance and then draw on it as and when you need help. This can work out as a cheaper arrangement than buying hours individually.

The charges for telephone-based and onsite support will vary considerably. Expect to pay at least twice as much for onsite support as you would for remote support. There will not be a guaranteed response time for callouts when you are not on a contract, so you will have to wait if you run into a major problem.

PAYG IT support is a good choice to supplement part-time in-house support, or for cover when the regular IT support staff member is away.

Monthly Hull IT support contract for small businesses

With a monthly Hull IT support contract, you will pay a fixed amount per month to cover some or all of your business IT systems. You will be able to specify what you want covered.

Fixed monthly contracts will include telephone support and an agreed service level (where the support company promises to respond within a certain timesclae). The monthly fee will usually cover everything but onsite visits, which usually cost extra unless a support day is built into the contract.

IT support for a business does not just cover faults. The bulk of the cost goes towards performing regular health checks on your terminals and monitoring the server. You may also choose to add Antivirus and backup services for your peace of mind.

Flexible Business IT support in Hull

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