We expect WiFi access everywhere these days, and not just indoors. You might want an outdoor WiFI access point to offer for customers to your café, garden centre or activity centre. If your business has a yard or outdoor area then you might need outdoor WiFi for your staff to connect to as they work. You can’t just take a normal WiFi router or extender and put it outdoors: you need a dedicated outdoor WiFI Hotspot.

Outdoor WiFi Hotspot

outdoor wifi hotspotOur outdoor WiFi hotspot is a system that allows you to offer an outdoor wireless connection to customers, clients or staff. The hardware is discreet and water-resistant. Because it is designed for outdoor use, you do not need to worry about expensive equipment being damaged through misuse. You can either create a new network or extend your existing indoor WiFi to cover your outdoor areas.

Outdoor Public WiFi

If you need a public outdoor WiFi solution then we can help to separate it from your business network. Our software management system means you can provide paid for WiFi access outdoors. Each connection can be throttled so that users all get a fair share of bandwidth and if your main connection is shared you can ensure you keep sufficient bandwidth to one side for essential business use.

Features and benefits

Why should you choose our outdoor WiFi system?

·         Ready to go – we can take care of the installation and setup for you

  • Water resistant hardware designed for use in outdoor WiFi
  • Small size for discreet installation

Digitalquill – Experts in Outdoor WiFi

Digitalquill are not just an RFID systems provider in Hull. We also offer IT support to Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and our data terminals are used by companies all over the world. For more information on outdoor WiFi, call us on 01482 424402 or email office@digitalquill.co.uk.