For many years now, we have been developing RFID systems for a range of uses from access control to inspection monitoring. As well as our powerful systems, we also produce customised hardware in order to give our end-users the best possible experience. Digitalquill data terminals are used all around the world, for all kinds of purposes. We can now offer them for sale to third parties in a number of configurations. One such use is optical sensors.

Optical sensors

data terminal optical sensorsOne of the best features of the Digitalquill Data Terminals is their versatility. Because they are fitted with standard USB inputs, a whole range of additional peripherals can be attached to them. And because they run on a modified version of Debian Linux, it is a straightforward task for us to develop new software to take advantage of the hardware.

One popular use for the terminals is to count people. An optical sensor can be fitted to the terminal (which can be self-powered by a battery that trickle charges with a solar panel or mini-wind turbine) to monitor people coming in and out of a shop; count the number of visitors for use in statistical analysis; measure the average spend per person through the door; and to measure footfall in tourist attractions, woodland areas or parks.

Digitalquill Data Terminals

Our Data Terminals run a special version of Debian Linux so we can easily configure them for your use in any number of applications. We can easily add new functionality to them, and we even offer a VPN service that allows you to remotely access them over 4G or WiFi. Data terminals can take the place of a full computer system when you need processing power but a desktop system would be impractical or excessive. They are the most versatile and cost-effective solution available for many tasks.

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