Whether you have bought a new PC or just recently upgraded to Windows 10 for the first time, there are a few essential tasks to take care of. You want to be safe and secure before you begin to use your new desktop environment. Your first priority should be to update Windows 10 to make sure it is all running as it should. People ask our Hull IT support engineers about this all the time. It’s possible to do it yourself very easily. Here’s how:

Check for Windows Updates

Ransomware and viruses thrive on security loopholes (that’s  a posh word for bugs) in Windows. Microsoft regularly updates the system to close these back doors as soon as hackers find them, but if you are not up to date then you are at risk. Windows 10, by default, continually updates itself in the background but this is not always the case so you should check.

Update Windows 10

While logged in and connected to the internet, click the Search box beside to the Windows 10 Start button. Type in “windows update”. Select “Check for updates” from the list of results, then click the Check for updates button. Accept any messages and wait for the update to download. You can choose when your PC will restart to install the new software, but we recommend clicking the “Restart now” button and doing so immediately rather than putting it off.

Hull IT Support - Update Windows 10

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