Digitalquill data terminals can free you from the cables and stress associated with a full computer system. You will find them in use all over the world. Data terminals can be used anywhere that you would normally use a computer, but do not need a complete desktop system. They are a versatile and cost-effective solution for a number of tasks. One of the most exciting applications of these tiny pieces of computer hardware is in low-power applications such as providing computing power in remote locations, often well away from the main power grid.

Data Terminals – a truly remote solution

data terminalIf you need a truly remote solution we can power the devices with a field battery. The battery trickle charges using solar panels and/or a wind turbine. We can also secure the device inside an IP68 case for water proofing. There are a huge number of possible applications for such a mobile device, including monitoring cattle feeding stations, remote weather stations, and to control optical sensors mounted on foot paths to use in tourist studies. The possibilities are endless.

No more worrying about cabling a device into the mains and leaving it unattended. No more concerns about constantly visiting a device to replace its battery and download its data. A 4G connection can be built into a data terminal so it can regularly ping a server to let you know it is still working, and to get instant access to your data.

Digitalquill Data Terminals

Our Data Terminals run a customised version of Debian Linux so you can easily configure them for almost any purpose. We can add new functionality easily, and we offer VPN services so you can remotely access them.

Digitalquill – Experts in Data Systems

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