Digitalquill’s software and RFID systems have been in use for many years in many areas, including:

  • access control
  • inspection monitoring
  • asset tracking
  • staff monitoring.

As well as our integrated suite of powerful software, we also supply a lot of the hardware that is needed to create a seamless and intuitive end-user experience. Our data terminals are in use all over the world, and we can offer them for sale in a number of different configurations.

Management of remote hardware

There is no end of hardware that you may wish to remotely manage without the encumbrance of a complete computer system, such as:

  • scientific instruments
  • weather stations
  • USB data loggers. etc

All of these and more can easily be integrated with a Data Terminal. If they are located away from mains power, that is not a problem. The peripherals can even be powered from a field battery that is trickle charged by a solar panel or a wind turbine. Truly mobile, renewable computing power.

Digitalquill Data Terminals

Our Data Terminals run a variant of Debian Linux we developed ourselves. This makes it possible for us to easily configure them to be used in almost any application. We can design and develop flexible new functions for you, and we even offer a dedicated VPN service for them to be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world.

Digitalquill Data terminals can be used anywhere that you would normally use a computer – and a lot of places you could not. They provide a solution for applications where computer power is needed, but there is no need – or no space – for a conventional desktop system. They are a versatile and cost-effective solution for any number of tasks.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems

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