The Independent reports that businesses and service providers who do not have effective proper cyber-security measures could soon face large fines of up to £17 million under recently announced Government proposals.

Businesses to be fined if they suffer a Cyber Attack

cyber securityThe measures come in response to the recent cyber-security attacks that hit the NHS earlier this year. They would affect transport, energy and health providers. The fines – of up to £17m or 4% of a company’s global turnover – are aimed to force them to invest in IT security measures. They would not apply to companies found to have followed proper procedures. Loss of data will continue to be covered the General Data Protection Regulations.

What does good IT Security Look Like?

It’s easy to imagine these rules extending to other companies, and IT security is always a good idea no matter how small your business is. Measures to take include monitoring threats and detecting attacks, staff training, and arranging for quick-recovery systems in the event of an attack. Most businesses cannot afford a dedicated IT board member, and that is where the Digitalquill virtual IT director service comes in. We work with you and your team, to oversee your IT strategy. We will get to know your business, its requirements, its systems and its processes. We will then recommend to your board of directors any areas where your IT hardware or systems could be improved – to contribute to the continued success of your business.

Why do I need a Virtual IT Director?

We do everything that a dedicated IT director would do: we ensure business continuity plans are created and put in place; ensure your IT systems are secure; and we create a plan for your business’s technological development so you can gain – and maintain – a competitive advantage.

Digitalquill: IT Security Experts

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