The BBC reports that three months after a ransomware attack that crippled parts of the NHS, $140,000 worth of bitcoins paid out by victims of the WannaCry attack have been cashed out by the criminals.

ransomwareWhat is Ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malicious software – or malware – similar to a virus – except instead of destroying files, it locks your computer, and a pop-up message demands payment to restore access to your PC.

What Do I Do if Ransomware strikes?

It can be terrifying to be presented with a demand for money, and your instincts may tell you to pay up – particularly if the message alleges you have downloaded embarrassing files onto your computer. Some ransomware even imitates the Police, presenting an official looking logo – but no law enforcement agency operates in such a way and so you should never enter your credit card details.

What you should do, as soon as you see a message on screen is:

  • Stop using the computer
  • Disconnect it from the network (remove cables or switch off your router)
  • Call an expert.

Digitalquill’s local IT support technicians are familiar with many types of ransomware and are skilled in the removal and prevention of attacks. Once we have restored your computer we can advise on how to avoid becoming a victim again, and help you build a backup system to protect files in the future.

Ransomware removal and Ransomware prevention

Even if you have not suffered an attack from ransomware, you still need to take care. Make sure you have a good paid-for virus protection program (we recommend AVG). If you are not sure whether or not you are protected, then we can complete a security audit of your system and ensure you have the right safety measures in place. Call us on 01482 42440 to find out more about IT support services for businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire.