At Digitalquill, we have been providing RFID systems for applications such as access control, inspection monitoring and asset tracking for many years. As well as powerful RFID software, we also build and utilize custom hardware to help to create a seamless experience for our users. Our data terminals are used by clients all over the world, and we offer them for a variety of purposes.

Digitalquill Data Terminals

temperature monitoringOur Data Terminals use a specially built variant of Debian Linux so that we can easily configure them to be used for almost any purpose. We can add easily new functionality to meet your needs, and we offer bespoke VPN services so you can securely access them remotely.

Digitalquill data terminals can be used absolutely anywhere that you would use a full computer, where you do not need a complete desktop system. They take up far less room and are a versatile and low-cost effective solution for any computing task.

 Temperature monitoring with Data Terminals

Up to four temperature sensors can be connected to a data terminal. These sensors can be configured to take temperature readings at specified intervals. They record the data from these reads in a local database on the machine itself, and a network connection or integrated 4G card can be added to send information to an internet-connected cloud computer on a regular basis.

We use such terminals for our Temperature Monitor system – a fully-featured cloud based monitoring and alert system that is used in commercial greenhouses, cold-rooms and more. With Temperature Monitor you can reduce the risk of spoiling food or losing plants by making sure that temperature stays within a specified range, or alerting management when the temperature goes higher or lower than a set level.

Digitalquill – Experts in Data Systems

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