Many major companies, such as Honda, use RFID systems as part of their manufacturing process. It is not just the huge conglomerates that can benefit from RFID technology: Digitalquill’s RFID systems allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of manufacturing process monitoring at an affordable price.

Honda using RFID Technology

RFID systemsThe Honda Manufacturing plant in Indiana uses a radio frequency identification solution that allows its personnel to locate vehicles and to track their progress through the assembly process. The company has been able to eliminate many of the costs associated with car location, and it has reduced the time it takes for vehicles to be shipped. The system uses an RFID-reading Honda Civic, handheld readers and fixed reader gates situated around the facility.

The plant contains 1.3 million square feet of indoor space for vehicle assembly. The company employs 2,400 staff who produce 250,000 vehicles a year – around 500 vehicles during every eight-hour shift. That large volume makes managing the inventory of cars challenging. The passive RFID system allows Honda to efficiently locate parts or even a particular car. They can break down and locate all cars of a certain type, or all cars assembled on a certain date easily and quickly.

Each new car is tagged with an RFID transponder. The data on the transponder is checked at various points in the manufacturing process. Because of the success of the system, the company is now planning to use RFID to optimise workflow logistics at the site. An alert or e-mail will be sent if a vehicle stays in one location for a long period of time.

Manufacturing Process Monitoring with RFID Systems

Our production plant process monitor system is flexible. It allows you to do either automated or manual scans when the item that is being manufactured reaches a specified point in the manufacturing process. This enables analytics that give you information such as:

  • The supply of products
  • How many are in production?
  • How long on average before those already started will be completed?
  • Identify stoppages, delays and also pinch points
  • Alerts or emails when exceptions occur

RFID systems are not just for massive companies. The question is not whether you can afford to incorporate RFID technology into your manufacturing processes, but whether you can afford not to!

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