The UK government plans to invest £21m in beefing up cyber security within the NHS after the devastating WannaCry cyber-attack that took many of the health service’s computer systems offline and harmed patient-care.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants the money to be used to prevent future malware attacks to make sure operations, and appointments are not disrupted again. The money will be shared between 27 hospitals across England including King’s College, St Mary’s, Royal London and Manchester Royal Infirmary. It will be spent on updating IT systems, improving staff training and raising awareness of how to deal with cyber-attacks.

cyber security nhsHealth Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy said that better use of information and data can transform health and care, but organisations’ resilience to cyber threats and the safe and secure flow of information and data across the health and social care system are critical to improving outcomes,”

The investment is part of the government’s response to the UK’s National Data Guardian’s review of data security. As well as the funding for the NHS, the commitments in the report include making the National Data Guardian’s statutory, and implementing data protection legislation to provide a framework to protect personal data and impose stricter penalties for data breaches. The government said it would also help the NHS move away from outdated operating systems like Windows XP.

Have you got a Cyber Security Strategy?

It is not just the NHS that is at risk from cyber attacks. Every business in the UK should have a strategy to protect itself: with the right mixture of policy, procedure, software and hardware protection. A ransomware attack could cripple a business in minutes, and it may never be possible to recover unless you have adequate system backups to restore your systems.

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