Customers now expect WiFi access from service industries. If you are sharing your company’s internet connection with customers, you could be breaching security best-practice because hackers could access your network. You will definitely be reducing the amount of bandwidth available for business purposes. If you are not yet offering WiFi access to customers, or if you wish to separate customer WiFi from your main business network, Digitalquill can help you.

Digitalquill WiFi Hotspot

Offer customer WiFiSince our WiFi hotspot is a fully out of the box system, it allows companies to offer paid for wireless connection to their customers simply. You can choose whether or not to allow a free grace period, and you can then charge by the hour or by the day. This flexibility means it is therefore suitable for any business from a cafe to a hotel. Payment can be made by PayPal or voucher-based authentication.

As a result of our software management of the hotspot combined with bespoke hardware, you can provide WiFi access indoors and outdoors. Connections can be throttled so that every user gets a fair share of the available bandwidth – and if your main internet connection is used you can make sure that sufficient bandwidth is reserved for business use.

Features and benefits

Why should you choose our WiFi system for your customers?

  • Ready to go out of the box
  • Charge by the hour or by the day
  • Payment by PayPal or voucher
  • Indoor or outdoor hardware available
  • Throttling to ensure bandwidth is shared much more fairly between business and customers

Digitalquill – Experts in WiFi

Digitalquill does not just provide RFID systems for access control, inspection monitoring and asset tracking. As well as our software solutions, we also use custom hardware to create a seamless experience for our users. Digitalquill data terminals are used all over the world. We also now offer them for sale for a multitude of uses. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email