Digitalquill are pleased to announce our new service: CNC Machining.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machiningCNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It allows a cutting, routing or milling machine to be computer controlled. The machine replicates the contents of a computer based file exactly. This makes it ideal for relatively fast production of prototypes or small productions runs of boxes, signs or indeed almost cutting, milling or engraving task: from model making to prototype fabrication. CNC machines are versatile, powerful and fast.

What CNC Services Do We Offer?

The initial services available from Digitalquill’s CNC machining service are:

  • CNC Cutting of Plastics, Wood, Carbon Fibre and aluminium;
  • CNC engraving of most surfaces;
  • CNC milling;
  • PCB track cutting;
  • CNC Pyrography (burning lettering or images onto wood).

These services are available at a relatively low cost and our turnaround time is fast. We plan on developing our product offering in the future so if your need is not listed above, you can still contact us.

How Do We Send You Our Design?

Simply provide us with an AutoCAD .DXF file of your design and we can cut or engrave to your specification. We will discuss the supply of materials and collection/delivery costs with you when we provide your quote. If you have not got access to the appropriate software, then contact us for a quote for one of our team of CAD experts to produce a bespoke design based around your specifications.

Why Choose Digitalquill?

Unlike the larger industrial players, we do not restrict you to large production runs. The larger companies want to avoid resetting their machinery between tasks in order to maximise its productivity, but our equipment is perfect for smaller scale production and one-off tasks such as prototyping.

Digitalquill CNC Machining

For more information on the CNC machining service, and the capabilities of our equipment, call us on 01482 424402 or email