One of the most time-consuming tasks for a manager is keeping track of your staff’s working time. Introducing Staff Time Monitor. Now RFID systems can replace clocking in machines and time sheets.

Staff Time Monitor – Timekeeping RFID Systems

Staff Time Monitor RFID SystemsIf it is left to the team to manage working time, you can never be sure that records are accurate. This puts you at risk of breaching the Working Time Regulations and could affect your payroll costs. If you rely on your staff time sheets for fire drills or payroll then it is absolutely critical that they are always as accurate and up-to date as possible.

With teams of maintenance staff or cleaners who do not work from a fixed base then the problems are compounded. You could easily lose track of which staff member is working where and how long they are spending on-site.

Automatic Staff Timekeeping Software

Staff Time Monitor as a powerful tool to record timekeeping for your staff. It is especially useful for teams of remote workers who do not have a fixed base – such as multi-site maintenance staff. Using RFID systems and the latest computer technology, it is possible for staff to record their time on and off-site using a staff ID card. The RFID scans are then used to generate detailed reports on their total time spent on site. You might even want to link Staff Time Monitor to your payroll system to automate the calculation of wages.

It is even possible to integrate our Staff Time Monitor system with our other modules. For example, you can connect it to our AccessMonitor system. This lets you use the same RFID card to allow staff access to and from your building, and also to log the time they spend in that building using the same data.

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