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July 2017

business backup

business backupIt is handy and cheap to have your files synchronised with free online services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud and so on. However, you must never assume that your data is completely safe. Free services are free for a reason, and they do not guarantee the level of service a business needs. You should also be aware of the threat of ransomware, which encrypts files on PCs and demands payment. Smart ransomware can also encrypt files in cloud drives so you should also have a physical backup. So why should you pay for a business backup system?

What Types Of Backup Service are Available?

There are lots of backup solutions on the market. You should be aware of the pros and cons of each. Although some services offer full protection, others cover just your user files. Some will cover your entire system so you can restore a working computer quickly. There are many options for backing up your business files. These include:

  • cloud services
  • network servers
  • USB hard drives
  • thumb drives and memory cards
  • CD-Rom, DVD or Blu-ray discs

Schofield’s Second Law of Computing states that data doesn’t really exist unless you have at least two copies of it. It is vital to have at least two backups: especially when deleting content from cloud services can affect your master copy of the data!

It is one thing to plan to backup and quite another to be disciplined enough to do it. When you hire experts to design your business backup solution, then you can be sure that the backups are actually being done.

Digitalquill – Experts in Business Backups

If you’re in any doubt on how to buy the best business backup system, consult an expert. We can look at your business’s unique risks and vulnerabilities, and help you to implement the best backup solution for your situation. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email us at



temperature monitoring

At Digitalquill, we have been providing RFID systems for applications such as access control, inspection monitoring and asset tracking for many years. As well as powerful RFID software, we also build and utilize custom hardware to help to create a seamless experience for our users. Our data terminals are used by clients all over the world, and we offer them for a variety of purposes.

Digitalquill Data Terminals

temperature monitoringOur Data Terminals use a specially built variant of Debian Linux so that we can easily configure them to be used for almost any purpose. We can add easily new functionality to meet your needs, and we offer bespoke VPN services so you can securely access them remotely.

Digitalquill data terminals can be used absolutely anywhere that you would use a full computer, where you do not need a complete desktop system. They take up far less room and are a versatile and low-cost effective solution for any computing task.

 Temperature monitoring with Data Terminals

Up to four temperature sensors can be connected to a data terminal. These sensors can be configured to take temperature readings at specified intervals. They record the data from these reads in a local database on the machine itself, and a network connection or integrated 4G card can be added to send information to an internet-connected cloud computer on a regular basis.

We use such terminals for our Temperature Monitor system – a fully-featured cloud based monitoring and alert system that is used in commercial greenhouses, cold-rooms and more. With Temperature Monitor you can reduce the risk of spoiling food or losing plants by making sure that temperature stays within a specified range, or alerting management when the temperature goes higher or lower than a set level.

Digitalquill – Experts in Data Systems

For more information on our temperature monitoring Data Terminals and pricing details, call Digitalquill today on 01482 424402, email or visit




RFID systems

Many major companies, such as Honda, use RFID systems as part of their manufacturing process. It is not just the huge conglomerates that can benefit from RFID technology: Digitalquill’s RFID systems allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of manufacturing process monitoring at an affordable price.

Honda using RFID Technology

RFID systemsThe Honda Manufacturing plant in Indiana uses a radio frequency identification solution that allows its personnel to locate vehicles and to track their progress through the assembly process. The company has been able to eliminate many of the costs associated with car location, and it has reduced the time it takes for vehicles to be shipped. The system uses an RFID-reading Honda Civic, handheld readers and fixed reader gates situated around the facility.

The plant contains 1.3 million square feet of indoor space for vehicle assembly. The company employs 2,400 staff who produce 250,000 vehicles a year – around 500 vehicles during every eight-hour shift. That large volume makes managing the inventory of cars challenging. The passive RFID system allows Honda to efficiently locate parts or even a particular car. They can break down and locate all cars of a certain type, or all cars assembled on a certain date easily and quickly.

Each new car is tagged with an RFID transponder. The data on the transponder is checked at various points in the manufacturing process. Because of the success of the system, the company is now planning to use RFID to optimise workflow logistics at the site. An alert or e-mail will be sent if a vehicle stays in one location for a long period of time.

Manufacturing Process Monitoring with RFID Systems

Our production plant process monitor system is flexible. It allows you to do either automated or manual scans when the item that is being manufactured reaches a specified point in the manufacturing process. This enables analytics that give you information such as:

  • The supply of products
  • How many are in production?
  • How long on average before those already started will be completed?
  • Identify stoppages, delays and also pinch points
  • Alerts or emails when exceptions occur

RFID systems are not just for massive companies. The question is not whether you can afford to incorporate RFID technology into your manufacturing processes, but whether you can afford not to!

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID systems

Whatever your business needs, we can help. For more information visit our website, call us on 01482 424402 or email



cyber security nhs

The UK government plans to invest £21m in beefing up cyber security within the NHS after the devastating WannaCry cyber-attack that took many of the health service’s computer systems offline and harmed patient-care.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants the money to be used to prevent future malware attacks to make sure operations, and appointments are not disrupted again. The money will be shared between 27 hospitals across England including King’s College, St Mary’s, Royal London and Manchester Royal Infirmary. It will be spent on updating IT systems, improving staff training and raising awareness of how to deal with cyber-attacks.

cyber security nhsHealth Minister Lord O’Shaughnessy said that better use of information and data can transform health and care, but organisations’ resilience to cyber threats and the safe and secure flow of information and data across the health and social care system are critical to improving outcomes,”

The investment is part of the government’s response to the UK’s National Data Guardian’s review of data security. As well as the funding for the NHS, the commitments in the report include making the National Data Guardian’s statutory, and implementing data protection legislation to provide a framework to protect personal data and impose stricter penalties for data breaches. The government said it would also help the NHS move away from outdated operating systems like Windows XP.

Have you got a Cyber Security Strategy?

It is not just the NHS that is at risk from cyber attacks. Every business in the UK should have a strategy to protect itself: with the right mixture of policy, procedure, software and hardware protection. A ransomware attack could cripple a business in minutes, and it may never be possible to recover unless you have adequate system backups to restore your systems.

Digitalquill – Experts in Cyber Security

We help businesses in Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire stay safe from cyber threats. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email


optical sensors

For years, we have been providing RFID systems for access control, inspection monitoring and asset tracking. As well as powerful software, we also use custom hardware to create a seamless end-users experience. Our data terminals used all over the world, and we offer them in a number of configurations.

Five Uses for Digitalquill Data Terminals

Our Data Terminals run a customised version of Debian Linux so you can easily configure them for almost any purpose. We can add new functionality easily, and we offer VPN services so you can remotely access them.

Data terminals can be used anywhere that you would normally use a computer, but do not need a complete desktop system. They are a versatile and cost-effective solution for any number of tasks. We will be covering just some of the uses in more detail over the coming weeks.

1 – Temperature monitoring

We can add up to four temperature sensors to the data terminal. These can be configured to take temperature readings at specified intervals and record the data in a local database. This is a similar method to that which we use for our Temperature Monitor system – our cloud based monitoring and alert system for commercial greenhouses, cold-rooms and more.

2 – VPN access into networks

If you need remote access tunnelling into a network from outside without opening public ports on the firewall, then the data terminal can be configured to do so. We can create VPN connections and allow you to remotely monitor your network, or provide access to other services running on it.

3 – Management of remote hardware

Hardware such as scientific instruments, weather stations, USB data loggers. etc can easily be integrated with a Date Terminal. The peripherals can even be powered from a field battery with solar panel and wind turbine trickle charger options.

4 – Truly remote solution

If you need a truly remote solution we can power the devices with a field battery, which trickle charges via solar panels and/or a wind turbine. An IP68 case is available for water proofing. There are many applications for such a device, including monitoring cattle feeding stations, remote weather stations, optical sensors on foot paths or maybe even tourism studies. The possibilities are endless.

5 – Optical sensors

An optical sensor can be used to monitor people coming in and out of a shop; count the number of visitors for use in statistical analysis; measure the average spend per person through the door, and many other applications.

Digitalquill – Experts in Data Systems

For more information on our Data Terminals and pricing details, call Digitalquill today on 01482 424402, email or visit

Offer customer WiFi

Customers now expect WiFi access from service industries. If you are sharing your company’s internet connection with customers, you could be breaching security best-practice because hackers could access your network. You will definitely be reducing the amount of bandwidth available for business purposes. If you are not yet offering WiFi access to customers, or if you wish to separate customer WiFi from your main business network, Digitalquill can help you.

Digitalquill WiFi Hotspot

Offer customer WiFiSince our WiFi hotspot is a fully out of the box system, it allows companies to offer paid for wireless connection to their customers simply. You can choose whether or not to allow a free grace period, and you can then charge by the hour or by the day. This flexibility means it is therefore suitable for any business from a cafe to a hotel. Payment can be made by PayPal or voucher-based authentication.

As a result of our software management of the hotspot combined with bespoke hardware, you can provide WiFi access indoors and outdoors. Connections can be throttled so that every user gets a fair share of the available bandwidth – and if your main internet connection is used you can make sure that sufficient bandwidth is reserved for business use.

Features and benefits

Why should you choose our WiFi system for your customers?

  • Ready to go out of the box
  • Charge by the hour or by the day
  • Payment by PayPal or voucher
  • Indoor or outdoor hardware available
  • Throttling to ensure bandwidth is shared much more fairly between business and customers

Digitalquill – Experts in WiFi

Digitalquill does not just provide RFID systems for access control, inspection monitoring and asset tracking. As well as our software solutions, we also use custom hardware to create a seamless experience for our users. Digitalquill data terminals are used all over the world. We also now offer them for sale for a multitude of uses. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email



Business backup

Business backupBusiness Backup solutions differ enormously. It is important to be aware of the pros and cons when you choose one solution over another. Although many services provide full protection, some services cover just your data while others cover your entire system. Some backup systems help you quickly recover some of your systems after a major problem, while others are designed to ensure that your systems are safe from environmental risks such as fires and floods as well as theft or malicious damage.

What should you consider when choosing a Data Backup system?

Data protection policies and legal issues must be considered. Some offshore cloud backup offerings are not suitable for UK businesses. It is important to be aware of where the data is actually stored.

The types of Data Backup systems

You can have data only or full system backups, onsite and offsite. What is the difference?

Data only backup

Backing up your data is the minimum level of backup you should have in place. It means that if your IT system fails, then your irreplaceable business data can be recovered safely.

The disadvantage of a data-only backup is that all the other contents of your system will have to be built back up again – from scratch. If you lose a server, it could easily take several days before you are back up and running.

System backup

A system backup clones the whole of your chosen PC or server. This means that all the system software and settings, as well as the data, are protected. The entire system can then be restored to the exact state it was in. You do not have to reinstall and reconfigure everything. This dramatically reduces the downtime of your systems.

On-site backup

Onsite backups are made to a physical device that is on the same premises as the computer. It is therefore not reliant on an internet connection being available. Higher volumes of information can be copied quicker locally, so large system backups are easier.

Accessing the backup in order to restore it is also quicker than if you must retrieve the data over the internet. The disadvantage is that it will not protect against local disasters such as fire, flood or theft unless the physical backups are stored offsite.

Offsite backup

Offsite backups are made to a different location to the computer –usually over the internet. The advantage of this type of backup is that it protects your data against local disasters. The disadvantage is that it relies on an internet connection. The availability and bandwidth of your internet connection can limit the frequency and size of backups.

Digitalquill – Experts in Business Backup

If you’re in any doubt on how to buy the best business backup system, ask an expert. We can look at your business’s risks and vulnerabilities, and implement the appropriate backup solution for your unique situation. For more information visit, call us on 01482 424402 or email



CNC machining

Digitalquill are pleased to announce our new service: CNC Machining.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC machiningCNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It allows a cutting, routing or milling machine to be computer controlled. The machine replicates the contents of a computer based file exactly. This makes it ideal for relatively fast production of prototypes or small productions runs of boxes, signs or indeed almost cutting, milling or engraving task: from model making to prototype fabrication. CNC machines are versatile, powerful and fast.

What CNC Services Do We Offer?

The initial services available from Digitalquill’s CNC machining service are:

  • CNC Cutting of Plastics, Wood, Carbon Fibre and aluminium;
  • CNC engraving of most surfaces;
  • CNC milling;
  • PCB track cutting;
  • CNC Pyrography (burning lettering or images onto wood).

These services are available at a relatively low cost and our turnaround time is fast. We plan on developing our product offering in the future so if your need is not listed above, you can still contact us.

How Do We Send You Our Design?

Simply provide us with an AutoCAD .DXF file of your design and we can cut or engrave to your specification. We will discuss the supply of materials and collection/delivery costs with you when we provide your quote. If you have not got access to the appropriate software, then contact us for a quote for one of our team of CAD experts to produce a bespoke design based around your specifications.

Why Choose Digitalquill?

Unlike the larger industrial players, we do not restrict you to large production runs. The larger companies want to avoid resetting their machinery between tasks in order to maximise its productivity, but our equipment is perfect for smaller scale production and one-off tasks such as prototyping.

Digitalquill CNC Machining

For more information on the CNC machining service, and the capabilities of our equipment, call us on 01482 424402 or email

Document Management System Security

When documents are not being properly managed, the chances of information leaking into the wrong hands is very real. If sensitive information is stolen, it can do real damage to your business. A Document Management System (DMS) allows you to keep your business information confidential. Its electronic audit trail means you know who has viewed, distributed or edited files.

Disaster recovery is another area that is improved with a cloud DMS: If there is a fire or flood, a backed-up cloud-based DMS will ensure that business-critical documents are not lost, even if your servers are no longer functional. Can you afford not to invest in a DMS for your business?

The Digitalquill Document Management System

Our Document Management System is easy to use, even if you and your team are not IT literate. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses. I might just be the edge you need to make your company ISO9001 compliant in its record keeping. We are on hand to help with installation and usage, and we can help you design appropriate security policies that work with the system to keep your valuable data safe from prying eyes.

Security is one of our specialisms. As you would expect the system is fully protected and suitable for use with documents that need to be kept safe. Even if you want to access your documents from mobile devices when you are out of the office, we can help to keep you safe. We can do this by adding a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your data safe when you are connected to wireless networks on the move.

Digitalquill – Experts in Document Management

Digitalquill has been working with Document Management Systems for 15 years. We can help to save you time and money through our Document Management System. For more information visit our website, call us on 01482 424402 or email



Phishing is an online scam whereby cyber criminals send out an email that appears to be from a legitimate company. It will usually ask the recipient to provide sensitive information. This usually takes the form of a link that supposedly takes you to a known website where you are asked for your personal information, passwords etc. However, the website is actually a fake and the information you input will go straight to the scammers.


The word ’phishing’ is based on the word fishing. It is so called because the criminals dangle a ’lure’ in the hope that people will ’bite’ and providing the information. It is used to steal credit card numbers, account numbers, passwords, usernames and much more.

Am I at risk from Phishing?

Yes, this is as relevant for your business email as your personal email. Massive companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all been stung with large scale Phishing scams.

How Do I Stay Safe from Phishing Attacks?

  • If you are not expecting the email and you don’t know who it is from just delete it
  • Don’t reveal sensitive information if requested to do so via email
  • Don’t click on links in emails appearing to be from banks or other service providers. Where possible, open a new browser window and navigate to the site yourself.
  • If you do need to click a link in an email, check it before you click on it. You can do so by hovering over the link. The URL will usually show in the browser’s status bar.
  • If the email is from a bank, consider calling them to check. Use the fraud hotline number written on your card, not numbers provided in the email or from Google searches because the number in the email might be a fake.


Digitalquill – Experts in Cyber Security

For more information or advice on keeping your Hull, East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire business safe from phishing, visit call us on 01482 424402 or email