Inspections with RFID SystemsDigitalquill’s NFC Grabber app is an affordable RFID solution to help you integrate RFID systems into your inspection processes. If you have a hotel, food outlet or you need to complete regular inspections of items or locations, then HF RFID systems can make your life easier.

NFC Grabber uses the NFC reader built into an inexpensive Android device to read the unique HF RFID transponder codes from embedded tags. It allows them to be accessed from another app, placed into the cursor’s location (for example to add them to a spreadsheet or other document) or sent to a configurable server via the internet.

By using a number of NFC transponders at specified locations, it is possible to require them to be scanned to prove that a location has been visited. RFID scans cannot be done remotely, and the transponder IDs cannot be duplicated. You can then use the scans to prove that Inspections took place for legislative requirements. This is ideal for fire safety or food hygiene inspections.

Monitoring Inspections with RFID systems

Digitalquill’s Inspection Monitor system uses RFID technology to track assets or locations you need regularly inspect – and it informs you immediately when a check has been missed or failed. This frees up time for managers and provides irrefutable evidence that checks have been done.

RFID transponders cannot be scanned remotely, cloned or copied. Your staff member has to have physically visited the location or asset the transponder is affixed to. You can relax in the knowledge that the work has been done. You will only need to review reports or system messages if something goes wrong.

If an exception does come up during a check, Inspection Monitor can automate the generation of tickets for repair teams: broken windows, missing bulbs and damaged doors can be corrected immediately. Because it is totally silent when all is going well, Inspection Monitor vastly reduces the amount of paperwork your managers need to sign off each day. You have complete flexibility to create checkpoints and group them into any number of inspections.

You can require checks to be completed in a specified sequence – for example for security patrols – or allow the flexibility for staff to manage their own workflows. So long as every HF RFID transponder scanned in the relevant timescale, you can give them the freedom to work as they wish. Every scan is safely recorded in a secure cloud server. You can show inspectors an audit trail and generate reports at the click of a mouse.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems and NFC

NFC Grabber is available from the Android Play Store. It can run on any Android device with a built-in NFC reader. We also produce an Inspection Monitor system that integrates with the app and can supply all of the hardware you will need. For queries about bulk-purchases of licences or for more information call us on 01482 424402 or email