ransomware cyberattackUniversity College London, one of the UK’s leading universities, has been hit by a major ransomware cyber-attack. It follows last month’s attack when the National Health Service was subjected to a ransomware cyber-attack.

The university’s staff and students risk data loss, and the attack has caused substantial disruption. Ironically, University College London (UCL) is a “centre of excellence in cyber-security research”, having been awarded that status by GCHQ.

The attack is believed to probably originate from a “compromised” website, where clicking a pop-up page might have spread a malware infection.

Ransomware Attack? Here’s What To Do

It is terrifying to be presented with a demand for money. Your first instinct might be to make the payment – particularly when the malicious software alleges you have visited websites or downloaded files that could be embarrassing or illegal. Some ransomware even imitates Police services, showing an official looking logo. Don’t pay: No law enforcement agency operates in this way, and you should never enter your credit card details on a ransomware screen.

Probably the best way to stop ransomware is to prevent it by:

  • avoiding clicking links in emails,
  • never open attachments you are not expecting,
  • stick to known websites

If you see a ransomware prompt, what you must do is:

  • Stop using the computer immediately
  • Disconnect network cables and unplug your router to stop the infection spreading
  • Call an expert

Digitalquill Experts in Ransomware Prevention

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