When your business holds stock, it is important to be able to identify exactly what you are holding at any time. It is not only important for accounting, but also for customer service. Some businesses still use paper manifests or old-fashioned DOS systems to try and control stock. If this sounds familiar you will be pleased to know you can upgrade to a modern system for less than you think. RFID systems for electronic stock control are available to every business thanks to Inventory Monitor.

Inventory Monitor RFID SystemsStock Management RFID Systems

Inventory Monitor is a highly advanced RFID-enabled Stock control system. It manages and monitor goods as they come in and out of your warehouse. As well as RFID systems it also works with barcodes – and it is a simple task for staff to use. They scan individual items or pallets in and out and stock levels are updated on the fly. You can add your own RFID transponders to palletsor boxes or use the stock’s existing barcodes. The system is flexible and fully configurable for a range of business applications.

Inventory Monitor – Easy Stock Control

It is simple  to find out the location of items. You move stock from place to place with a single scan. Stock levels can be broken down by location or site, as well as monitored globally. Because of this, you will always know where your assets are located. When you transport a group of items – such as a pallet – the system can be configured to handle all of the contents with a single scan. Inventory Monitor saves you time and money.  It can link to your supply chain system to trigger new orders for items with low stock levels.

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