Many businesses now offer free WiFi to their customers. In fact, it is now an almost essential offering for many service companies. Customers expect to be able to connect to the internet in cafes, coffee shops and public waiting areas. If you offer WiFi to your customers, you must be aware of some potential risks. Don’t think it won’t happen to you: half of all UK businesses were subjected to attempted cyber attacks last year.

Free Wifi Security
Using free tools, we could identify every device on the network
Free Wifi Security
A hacker could easily exploit these open ports and steal your data – or worse

Free Wi-Fi: The Risk for Businesses


Keep your free  WiFi connection separated from your Point of Sale or payment processing systems. Otherwise, you are in breach of PCI-DSS rules, and your customers’ credit card data is at risk. If you share a connection with business systems, you could also find your customers hogging all of your bandwidth. If this happens, your main business internet connection will run slowly and impact the business.


We recently visited a major UK tourist attraction whose open free WiFi allowed us to scan all devices on the network. As an illustration, we scanned a printer, so we did not invade anyone’s privacy, but a hacker could have searched these devices for open ports or other vulnerabilities. They could even connect to your router and install malware. You did change the default router password to a secure alternative password when it was installed, didn’t you…?

Digitalquill – Experts in Cyber Security

If your business has, or wants to offer, your customers free WiFi, call us.

  • We can help you achieve PCI DSS compliance. This is essential if you take credit card payments.
  • We can supply, install, configure and support PCI-DSS compliant routers. We will keep business and customer networks separate, and ensure that a cap is in place to provide sufficient business bandwidth.
  • You may want to consider a backup internet connection. That way, if your fixed line internet goes down, you can continue to trade.
  • Digitalquill are security experts. We can conduct an audit of your business and identify where and how you are vulnerable to cyber attack or ransomware. We can supply the software, hardware and know-how to get your IT security policies up to scratch.

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