Digitalquill’s NFC Grabber is the affordable RFID app you need to integrate RFID systems into your asset management processes.

NFC Grabber – App for Mobile

RFID Systems NFC grabberNFC Grabber uses the NFC reader in your Android device to read unique HF RFID transponder codes and allow them to be accessed from another app, placed into a keyboard input (for example a spreadsheet or document) or sent to a server on the internet.

By purchasing NFC transponders and attaching them to pallets or roll cages, it is possible to use them in place of barcodes or paper systems to accurately monitor stock in a warehouse. Transponders placed on or in high-value assets such as computers, solar panels or rental equipment can be used to track their movements. You can even use an NFC transponder for inspection monitoring to prove that a certain location was visited. RFID scans cannot be done remotely, and the transponder IDs cannot be duplicated.

Asset Tracking with HF RFID Systems

Digitalquill’s Asset Monitor System allows you to keep track of your business’s assets. You can instantly find out where they are; where they have been; and see a history of their movements at the click of a mouse. Because it is not industry specific it can be used to track everything from shipping containers to solar panels. Since Asset Monitor links with the other Digitalquill software including our Proof of Delivery system, it can manage everything from picking and packing to delivery tracking.

Asset Monitor from Digitalquill

Digitalquill’s Asset Monitor is a flexible and configurable system that can fulfil all your asset tracking requirements. You specify the details of the asset, and the data you wish to store and associate with it. You have total control and so you can configure customised inspections or supply chains.

Asset Monitor also brings you powerful business intelligence. Know where your assets are, and when they will be back with you through the use of estimates that are intelligently derived from your data. Asset Monitor helps you predict stock shortages; plan delivery routes; and schedule collections. Reports such as average supply chain time and average asset life are calculated and updated automatically.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID Systems and NFC

NFC Grabber is available from the Android Play Store. It is compatible with any Android device that has a built-in NFC reader. We also supply an Asset Monitor system that works with the app and we can supply HF RFID transponders and Android tablets. For queries about bulk-purchases of licences or for more information on the product, call us on 01482 424402 or email