Managing and controlling the documents you produce and use in your business can be hard. There are always multiple copies floating around, and when changes are made, it can be difficult to tell whether your staff are referring to the latest version, or if they are using an older one that they have printed out for reference. A document management system can help you manage all those files.

Document control is a key feature of an ISO9001 compliant organisation. Managing and controlling access, sharing and revision of documents manually is difficult and time-consuming. The solution to all of these problems is simple: your business needs to use a Cloud Document Management System.

Cloud Document Management System

Document Management SystemWhen they use Digitalquill’s cloud-based Document Management System (DMS), your staff can share documents with colleagues with the click of a button. The documents are uploaded centrally and they can be accessed regardless of the end user’s location or device. Instead of clogging up your email server with huge files, links to documents may be published on the company intranet or emailed.

The benefits are clear. When the documents are stored in a single location there is a ‘single point of truth’. You can be sure that when changes are made that users always refer to the very latest revision of a document. You can keep track of each document’s history of revisions.

All kinds of file types are supported. Simply upload the document into a central area and use links instead of file attachments. All you need to do is adjust your policies and procedures: Digitalquill’s Document Management System enables your transition to a paper-free office.

Digitalquill – Experts in Document Management

Digitalquill has been working with Document Management Systems for more than 15 years. We can help to save you time and money through our Cloud Document Management System. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email