Our Fire Door Monitor system is renowned for being one of the most flexible, unintrusive ways to meet Fire Safety requirements. Fire Door Monitor uses RFID systems to monitor doors and alerts management when fire doors are propped open. This helps fire wardens to fulfil their legal responsibilities and provides unequivocal evidence that is securely stored offsite.

Track and Report on Open Doors and Windows

Fire Door Monitor RFID SystemsFire door monitor has many other uses: One of our clients uses the system to monitor the roller door on their warehouse door. If the door is left open, then it costs extra to heat the building and puts security at risk. Before installing the Fire Door Monitor system. They had problems with staff leaving it open and people would walk into the building off the street. The system now allows the managers in the office to monitor the door and call down and ask for it to be closed whenever it is left open

The system can also be set up to automatically monitor whether windows are closed. This savis time for security guards when locking up buildings, or you could use the system to check that cold room or fridge/freezer doors are kept closed.

Fire door monitor really is the most versatile RFID enabled door and inspection monitoring system on the market today.

RFID Systems for Monitoring Doors

Fire Door Monitor uses RFID transponders placed at each door or window. The software manages inspection schedules and informs a specific person whenever inspections are due. Magnetic catches can be installed onto each door or window, which will allow it only to be open for a maximum specified time before  the system sends an SMS or email alert. A full reporting suite makes it possible to see which doors or windows are being opened and for how long.

Easy to Install Wirefree Fire Door Monitoring

Fire Door Monitor is easy to install in your building. As it is a cloud-based system, it links to your existing internet gateway. It can even be used as a self-contained system over a 3G or 4G mobile connection. With mobile connectivity, there is no need to run wires. We attach wireless devices to each door or window within range of the Hub. Repeaters are used to extend the range of the hub which is connected to the internet via your existing gateway or self-contained 3G.

Low-Cost Door Monitoring

Fire Door Monitor is available for a low monthly fee. All you need to purchase up front are the hardware sensors and the connection hub. Call us today on 01482 424402 or email support@digitalquill.co.uk for more information.