When you first get a new computer, everything loads up in a flash. But after a couple of years, you will notice things start to take a little longer. It is not just that technology has moved on – there are software issues that cause your computer to go slower in time. Here are some ideas for speeding up your PC before you call on our SME IT Support services.

IT SupportStart-up software:

It is convenient to have software such as Skype start automatically – and indeed many of the applications that start themselves when you log on are essential, such as your virus protection. Some can be safely removed, such as media players and anything you do not regularly launch. These ‘background tasks’ are taking up some of your PC’s processing power. Try disabling anything non-essential but if you aren’t sure – call an expert first!

Temporary trash:

Windows and the other software you use leave temporary files all over your hard drive. This can be to speed up your experience, such as the cache of web pages in your browser, but sometimes unnecessary things are left behind – such as after a crash. The more files that build up, the slower your computer gets. Many pieces of software can clear their own caches of data, but an IT expert can also remove other unneeded files to save hard drive space and speed up your PC.

Viruses and malware:

If your computer has started to go slower, you may have a virus infection. Viruses and malware sit in the background – consuming valuable resources and also doing malicious activities such as spying on your actions, stealing your login information or using your network to infect other machines. Call our business IT support technicians to give your PC a once over, and install our 24/7 managed virus protection for peace of mind.


Every new version of the software you use comes with new features and improvements. The problem is that the application gets bigger and bigger every time. It eventually needs more and more system resources to install and run – and this slows your computer down. Sometimes new software does not replace the older version but is installed alongside it, wasting space and precious resources.

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