When you deal in high-value assets, you cannot afford to lose track of them. Whether your business deals in solar panels, commercial gas canisters or high-value machinery you need to be able to find them, count them and manage servicing and recalls without delay. Digitalquill’s Asset Monitor is designed so businesses can track their assets. Asset tracking is made simple with our RFID systems

Asset Tracking RFID Systems

Asset Tracking RFID systems

Asset Monitor – Digitalquill’s Asset Management System – lets you keeps track of all your business assets. You are able to instantly find out where they all are; where they have been; and you can access a history of your assets’ movements all at the click of a mouse. It uses the latest RFID systems, and unlike other systems, it is not specific to any one industry. Asset Monitor can be used to track everything from gas canisters to solar panels. It links with all the other Digitalquill software modules including our RFID enabled Proof of Delivery system to cover everything from picking and packing to delivery tracking.

Companies use Asset Monitor to control their solar panels, IT equipment and plant machinery. They use it to trigger services; recall faulty items and manage rentals. Our asset tracking software is flexible, adaptable and suitable for a range of different industries.

Key Features:

  • Requires an RFID scan to be done whenever an asset is moved or changes hands
  • Every asset movement is linked to a staff card scan: for clear accountability
  • A full audit trail of movement in and out of locations is maintained
  • Allows for basic inspection and maintenance of assets to be recorded
  • Can manage legislative recurring inspections
  • Integrates with Digitalquill’s other software modules

Digitalquill: Asset Tracking Experts

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