Emergency Internet AccessFor businesses, losing internet access can be incredibly damaging. Enquiries will be missed, orders will be lost, and productivity will fall. Every minute you are offline costs you money. Have you got plans for emergency internet access?

Even the best internet connections fail occasionally. If your business relies on the internet, it’s a good idea to make plans for emergency internet access. This means your business will be able to cope if your connection goes down.

Here are five ways to get your business back online.

1: Ask your neighbours.

If you share premises with another business, you may consider setting up a reciprocal arrangement to share internet connections with them. If one fails, you can borrow from the other. In Hull and East Yorkshire, this may not be feasible due to the lack of choice of internet providers.

2: Work from another location

A lot of big companies have multiple locations, and so they can decamp to emergency premises when there are problems. For smaller firms, though, this is often too expensive.

3: Start working flexibly

Although you can find free wireless internet in cafes, restaurants and pubs, these are not safe for business use. Regus, an online directory of ‘coworking’ spaces designed for mobile workers, could be useful to find business friendly wifi locations nearby – at a cost.

4: Buy a backup line.

If you are based in an area with a choice of internet providers, you could buy a backup broadband connection from another provider. It may not be as fast as your main connection but can get you online in an emergency. Beware, though: most internet providers share the same infrastructure so a problem with the cables would mean both connections going down!

5: Use the mobile internet

Mobile 4G broadband connections are available from all of the major mobile phone networks. You either buy a small ‘dongle’ to plug into your computer or a MiFi device (similar to a router) which connects you to the internet. Mobile connections can suffer from coverage problems, but if you work in an area with a good signal, it is an effective temporary option for emergency internet access.

Redundant Internet Connections for Hull and East Yorkshire

Digitalquill can provide your business with a second backup internet connection that takes over if the first one fails. This provides business continuity in the event of an internet outage. The cost is a fraction of what you would lose if your internet were to go down for a lengthy period.

Digitalquill can help with Emergency Internet Access

We can install an over the air, 4G or point to point connection. Just give us a call to discuss your needs on 01482 424402, or email support@digitalquill.co.uk.