According to the BBC, almost half (46%) of British businesses are aware of being subjected to at least one cyber security breach or attack in the last year. The government survey found that the proportion was as high as to two-thirds in medium and large sized companies.

Cyber SecurityMost of the breaches followed fraudulent emails being sent to staff. Security issues such as viruses, spyware or malware were also significant. A total of 1,500 UK businesses were examined, 30 in-depth. The government said a “sizeable proportion” of UK businesses still do not have basic protections in place. Some had rudimentary technical controls, but only a third had a formal policy covering risks to cyber security.

How to Keep your Business Safe

The survey shows how no business is safe, however large or small. If UK businesses do not start to take security seriously, then they are at risk of losing data or being unable to trade. Most data breaches are the result of simple human error – such as people having weak passwords or clicking on malicious links in unsolicited emails. A combination is needed: technical protection is a must have; but so is ongoing staff training and a solid set of policies. Cyber security is no joke, so you should treat it seriously.

Digitalquill – Experts in Cyber Security

Digitalquill can work with you to ensure your IT policies are up to date and fit for purpose. We can supply software solutions such as AVG Cloud Antivirus to help keep your systems safe. If you have already been attacked by a virus or ransomware, then we can clear up your system and design a  backup regime to protect your valuable data.

Don’t take risks with your business: By taking the right approach to information security you can keep your business safe from cyber threats.

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