Ensure your workstations are up-to-date and running smoothly with planned rolling upgrades.

Slow computers cost you time and money: Ensure your business’s workstations are up-to-date and keep running smoothly with a planned rolling upgrade programme. Upgrading all your computers at once can disrupt your business and cost a lot of money in one go. It is better to spread the cost to keep your business running smoothly.

The world of technology moves quickly. Rolling Upgrades Save CostsComputers are doubling in power every couple of years, and as software is updated, it starts to run more slowly on older computers. This is why your business PCs need to be upgraded periodically. If you do not plan for a programme of IT upgrades, then you will soon find yourself being left behind. It is a much more complex task to upgrade all of the computers in a business at once than to do it bit by bit over a rolling period.

There is also a much greater impact on productivity when everything is changed at once. This is especially the case if the operating system is also being changed, as users need to relearn how to use the tools.

Rolling Computer Replacement

Keeping old, slow PCs going is a false economy. When you try a new PC with an SSD drive, you will be looking at your desktop in five seconds rather than five minutes. Web pages will load more quickly, switching between programs will become almost instantaneous, and there is almost no disruption from background tasks such as scheduled virus scans.

Digitalquill – PC Upgrade Plans

PCs are a vital tool in the modern world, and when given the right tools you will find that your staff have better morale and become more productive – especially when you consider that a lot of office PCs are used all day, every day for nearly every single task that a business undertakes! Call Digitalquill to get help planning you Hull or East Yorkshire IT upgrade plan. Call us today on 01482 424402 or email office@digitalquill.co.uk.