Ten Underused Windows Keyboard ShortcutsHere at Digitalquill, we don’t just offer IT support, design and software services. We also offer training and guidance on using IT systems more effectively. Here are some keyboard shortcuts that will make your working day more effective.

1: Alt+Tab

Holding Alt and repeatedly pressing the Tab key cycles between all of the applications you have open. This is much quicker than searching through the taskbar or closing down windows.

2.: Ctrl+Backspace

This handy shortcut deletes a whole word at a time rather than on character. It I much more efficient than holding the backspace key down and guessing when to release it.

3: Ctrl+S

This shortcut saves your work. It means you can save regularly without taking your hands off the keyboard when working on a big document.

  1. Ctrl+Home

This shortcut jumps to the top of your document…

  1. Ctrl+End

…and this jumps to the end!

  1. Windows+Home

This handy shortcut minimises all of your windows except the one that is currently active. It makes it simple to switch to the desktop but keeps your current application available.

  1. Ctrl+Shift+T

This shortcut works in Internet Explorer and reopens a tab if you close one by accident.

  1. Ctrl+D

Ctrl+D quickly adds a bookmark to your current webpage.

  1. Shift+Del

When you click a file in Windows Explorer then press Shift+Del it is deleted straight away, bypassing the Recycle Bin. Handy for shared computers, but use with caution!

  1. F2

When a file is selected, the F2 key lets you rename it without needing to go through the right-click menu.

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