A Simple Guide to SPAMWe all know that feeling: open up your mail client only to find page after page of unsolicited emails. Up to four in every five emails the average person receives is spam. What is it all about and what can you do about it?

What is Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email, sent in bulk. Newsletters you signed up for, but no longer want, and information from legitimate companies where you have ticked the box to be kept informed are not spam. Such emails usually have an unsubscribe button at the bottom as well as the registered address of the company.

Spam Facts

  • Almost 15 billion spam emails are sent over the internet every single day
  • 45% of all email traffic is spam
  • The country that generates the most spam is the USA
  • The most common successful spam messages result in identity theft
  • Just over a third – 36% – of spam is advertising
  • Almost another third is adult content

Why Is Spam Sent?

Legitimate companies do not need to send spam emails, so the likelihood is that it is being used to attempt to scam you out of money. A lot of spammers impersonate real, well-known companies and try to tempt you to give them your passwords or credit card details.

Spam is so cheap to send that companies only need one success out of every 25,000 emails to make a profit. It is estimated that spammers are making $200 million a year – compared to the $20 billion spent to try and avoid it.

How to Avoid Spam

You may never be able to avoid all spam, but a good start is to use a mail service with a built-in spam filter. There are some other techniques you can use to try to keep your inbox clear:

  • Sites like FakeInbox can give you a one-off ‘disposable’ email address when you need one temporarily.
  • Make sure you untick (or tick) boxes on website forms about ‘being kept informed’. Read the small print to make sure you are not inadvertently opting into marketing communications.
  • Never reply to spam, or click ‘unsubscribe’ links in unsolicited mail from untrusted senders. It confirms your email address works and can lead to even more spam! Just hit the ‘Junk Mail’ button to train your mail filtering software.

Digitalquill – Avoiding Spam Emails

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