HTML Email MarketingEmail marketing has a number of advantages over direct mail (and indeed over doing no marketing at all!). It is cheap, flexible and green. It can be automated to reduce the amount of time preparing and managing campaigns. It can be targeted specifically at the customer segments you choose. It is also very easy to measure success and ensure you get value for money.

Email Marketing: From Design to Execution

Digitalquill’s email marketing system is simple and effective. We can support you all the way, from designing logos and email templates, to writing engaging sales content and feeding back on results. Here are two examples that have just been sent out for our client  F G Adamson & Son in Swanland, East Yorkshire.

These are sent out every year to encourage people to buy service kits for their lawnmowers at the beginning of the season. We can help you maximize the return from your existing customer lists using campaigns like these, which we can schedule all year round.

We have also just sent out an email marketing campaign for another client to over 80,000 contacts and are in the process of creating a bespoke email marketing solution integral to a CRM system we are building for another client.

Customer Relationship Management: Make your data work

It is critical that you gather information about your customers. This process does not have to be complex: our CRM system starts from just £25 per month and allows you to keep customer information, notes and records about what they have bought and send selected contacts to our email marketing system.

We can supply you with loyalty cards that, when scanned, advise your staff about a customer’s history of interactions with your company. We can also help you to make sense of the wealth of data that is generated through customer contacts so you can laser-focus your online marketing activity and boost business.

Digitalquill: Experts in Email Marketing

Sending out HTML emails really does work, we have several clients who use this technique for both b2b and b2c. If you get the message right, each email sent can bring in a huge amount of business, triggering people to buy something that perhaps they had not considered or didn’t know you provided.

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