Fire Door Inspection SystemDigitalquill’s 31-point Fire Door Inspection System has been developed from recommendations from fire authorities and the requirements of the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and BS 9999. It is the most advanced Fire Door Inspection system on the market today, using RFID to streamline and automate inspections, as well as to notify authorized persons when a fire door has been left open.

Once the system has been installed, it operates by the NFC protocols (High Frequency RFID). This means there is no need to invest in hand-held devices: all the inspector needs is an NFC enabled mobile phone to conduct the inspection. We also offer low frequency RFID systems for locations where the NFC RFID protocol will not work such as areas with high EMI or metal surfaces.

Records are kept in the cloud, and updated whenever there is a data connection. This means a lost device need not mean a loss of data. It also allows the records can be reported on in real time with our advanced reporting tools.

Inspection schedules can be set up and managed within the system and users are alerted when inspections are due, while management is alerted if inspections are missed. Notifications can be done by email or SMS and management are not bothered by notifications when everything is running as it should.

Fire Door Inspection and Fire Door Monitoring solutions

Digitalquill’s Fire Door Inspection system can easily be integrated with our Fire Door Monitoring system: which uses magnetic catches that are installed onto each fire door – allowing it to be opened only for a maximum specified time before sending an alert to the nominated fire officer. This means that even if the nominated fire officer is not based at the site, some of their duties under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005 or any other national standards can be fulfilled.)

By default, the system inspects for 31 points but it allows flexibility for administrators to turn inspection components on or off depending on your requirements. If you need greater customization, then you can even add your own inspection criteria to the system to make it a fully featured Inspection Monitor system.

Examples of Inspection Checks:

  • Are the door seals free from damage?
  • Are the seals continuous around the whole frame?

Simple Fire Door Inspection Software

The process for the user is simple: they open our Fire Door Inspection App on their smartphone, scan the door when prompted, answer the questions by simply tapping a tick box on screen and, if the door does not pass, fail that question and give a reason why. A ‘Fail’ generates a configurable notification for further action.

The system uses the embedded RFID transponder at the location to uniquely identify that fire door. Because they cannot be cloned, the transponder scan proves that the door was visited by the Inspector. If a question was failed during the last inspection, then the app shows an icon onscreen next to that question to allow the inspector to see why it was failed last time – and to check that the relevant remedial action has been taken to rectify the problem.

The RFID transponders are unobtrusive and easy to install. They are either a small disc 20mm across, or an embedded glass transponder in the door frame. Therefore, the system is respectful of your corporate environment while keeping your staff safe and your company on the right side of the law.

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