outlook out of officeWe are looking for third-party Beta testers for out new Outlook Out of Office Add-on.

The plugin allows Outlook Out of Office auto-responses to be sent from servers other than Microsoft’s Exchange: direct from a client PC. This Outlook Out of Office Solution means that third-party mail servers can have vacation auto-responses without the need for constant IT support interventions within Postfix mail servers.

It is more efficient than creating a rule in Outlook to respond to incoming emails as users do not have to leave their computers running with Outlook open while they are away.

Digitalquill Out of Office Plugin.

We have developed an add-on to Outlook at allows a user to set their out of office replies right from Outlook itself. The add-on is simple and easy to use: you set it up once and then the user just changes the message they want to be sent.

A simple tick box is used to activate and deactivate the auto-responder. The add-on controls a server side rule on the Postfix server so their computer can be turned off while they are away.

Beta Testers Needed

  • We are looking for volunteers to test the add-on. You must:
  • Be a linux expert capable of installing Sieve on your mail server
  • Have your own copy of Outlook
  • Be able to report back to us exact specifications of server configuration, Outlook and Windows versions

All Beta testers will be given 5 free licences for the final released product.

Digitalquill Auto Responder Plugin for Outlook

If you are interested in testing our new Outlook vacation responder or want more information then email support@digitalquill.co.uk.