Digitalquill IT Support AgentSmaller businesses have a challenge: you rely on your IT to keep the business running, but cannot afford to employ someone to monitor your systems 24/7. Think again, as Digitalquill’s IT Support Client allows us to remotely monitor health of your PCs and infrastructure, remotely support your users and allows your staff to raise and track tickets right from their desktop. It is seamless and allows you to have the benefits of internal IT support at the lower cost of outsourcing.

Big Data for Small Businesses

Big data and business intelligence systems are at the heart of the service. Because me monitor multiple companies we can identify and deal with threats as they merge, and can give you the benefit of our experience. We monitor the health of all the computers that we support, and have screens which show critical alerts in real time. This allows us to react before you even know there is a problem.

Personal IT Support

Your team members can raise a ticket for a problem right from their desktop, at any time. We are then able to support them remotely by connecting to their PC and guiding them through to resolution. This can save the disruption and cost of a visit from one of our engineers and get the member of staff back up and running.

Cloud Monitored IT Support

We can also monitor the bigger picture. Are there a number of PCs which are suddenly running at 100% CPU? This could indicate a virus infection. Because we are constantly monitoring we can rapidly look into the issue and issue alerts to all clients about any potential issues. We can then use the skills and experience of our team to solve your technical problems. And you don’t need to lift a finger.

Digitalquill IT Experts

Digitalquill can help you with all of your IT needs: call us today on 01482 424402 or email