RFID loyalty cardsBusinesses don’t just need to attract customers: it is equally important to retain those you already have. There is a reason why the big retailers invest millions in their loyalty card schemes. The reason they can afford to give customers money back on their shopping is because loyal customers spend their money in one place. The retailers can track their behaviour, what they buy, when they shop and can target marketing at extremely tightly drawn demographics. Business intelligence is the key differentiator that an help your business grow, especially in a mature market with few new customers.

RFID Loyalty Cards

RFID technology is ideal for loyalty schemes. Our Client Management System is in use in a number of beauty salons: The customer scans their RFID card each time they visit, they build up discounts the more they use the services. In turn the salon knows what services they are using and can target them with marketing to entice they to buy more. The same goes for other businesses: such as hairdressers, garages, tanning salons, the list is endless.

Our Client Management System is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system for the service sector. By issuing an inexpensive RFID card, staff will no longer need to remember every customer’s personal needs and expectations: a full history of all of their prior engagements with the company are displayed on-screen – so the customer gets the service they expect every time.

Personal Service Across Multiple Sites

The Client Management System is even more useful for multi-site businesses. No matter which location the customer attends, they get the personal service they expect. You get a full and accurate record of every interaction between the customer and your business at the click of a mouse when they present their RFID card.

Digitalquill RFID Experts

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